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Thank you visiting DavidWLitwin.com. This site will curate a collection of my writings, books and design work. You can also learn more about my speaking and consulting opportunities. It is my daily goal to inspire you in your business and in your life. By learning how to integrate design, story and meaning into your business, I believe you will rise above your competitors and create powerful ambassadors of your products or services. I hope you will then pass what you have learned on to others. Let this site be a gateway to creating more success and significance!

Insights Blog

Design: Product Packaging Work

Here are just a few of the current product packaging design projects we have been working on at Pure Fusion...

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Inspire: Breaking the Demographic Mold

Marketers and advertisers love demographics. Demographics compartmentalize people into neat little groups, often based on similar habits. A demographic example...

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Salty Snacks Chip Packaging

This design was all about Americana. In response to the bold and loud packaging in the chip/snacks space, we took a more “down home” direction. The bright colors mix with the retro typefaces and the fifties-inspired pylon banner…

David's Books


CRE8TVE SUCCESS: Inspire Your Customers, Amplify Your Profits & Dominate Your Competition the RIGHT (Brained) WAY

Where could you take your business if you could intentionally craft the referrals of your customers and unleash powerful ambassadors of your products or services into the world? What if you could write your own business success story in an age of marketplace uncertainty? Doing so requires you to think beyond your products or services. Chances are that most everyone in your industry is selling similar offerings. So how do you gain the edge over your competition? Better yet, how do you produce more customers when sales and contracts are often determined by the lowest price? To be successful today,...[more]

Parables & Parallels

Parables & Parallels: Modern Day Insights into Many Ancient Words

Many in modern society consider Christianity irrelevant. Supposedly tired, outdated ideas and commands are replaced with progressive and seemingly enlightened new concepts. Even some Christians are unsure of how the truths of the Bible relate to today’s times. But Parables & Parallels doesn’t reaffirm God’s truths inside of Scripture alone. Instead, this book presents a Christianity that resonates with all areas of reality. It explores its powerful and profound connection with every facet of society, including science, medicine and law. How? By using the power of the parable. Throughout the book, readers will discover: parables and stories from scripture that...[more]

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Addiction’s Tipping Point

Addiction’s Tipping Point

Addiction is a mutli-headed hydra plaguing tens of millions of Americans. Each year, it wraps its foul and constricting scales around more and more individuals, across our nation, and now increasingly, across the world. Based on the statistics, it is probable you have faced addiction at some point in your life, whether having experienced it personally or through loved ones or acquaintances that have suffered under its choking weight. To uncover and expose the nature of addiction is to attack it at its source. It requires us to connect dots many claim cannot be connected. Addiction is not merely a...[more]