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If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire your business, congregation of convention attendees, I would love to talk to you. I bring both energy and insight to all of my presentations, combining visual design, story and often music to engage and captivate the audience. I speak on a variety of topics, but always seek to leave those gathered with life altering thoughts and tangible action points. I believe that every one of us can communicate powerful truths and wisdom to the world. I help those with whom I interact produce success and significance in their own lives and carry those insights to others.





Bringing MEANING into Your Business

Most often, when we consider adding MEANING to our business, we think we should use the profits of our companies to support non-profits, NGOs, and various other causal organizations. But we can also produce meaning directly through the day-to-day operations and interactions of our companies. Learn how to inspire both your customers and employees in such a manner that they leave with more insight, wisdom and character than they had prior to interacting with you and your business.

The Power of Story in your Branding

Story is everywhere… but are you applying it effectively in your business? Branding is more than just artwork, it’s visual and visceral storytelling. In this talk you will learn how to integrate story into every aspect of your business, from your sales conversations, to your marketing materials to your logo design. Combining skill sets learned as a designer and a scriptwriter, David reveals how necessary these “energies” are in building a successful business today.

“Experience Genres” – Redefining the Business Experience.

Businesses can no longer rest solely on the effectiveness of their products or services. Today, people are looking for powerful experience engagements with the businesses they interact with. If you want to create loyal ambassadors that broadcast the wonder of your company to the world, you must put as much emphasis on the customer experience as you do on what you sell. In this talk, you will learn how to create and implement “Experience Genres” through your business, guaranteeing that your customers and prospects will never receive similar experiences from any other company but your own.

It’s a Right Brain World! (and Why It’s Important)

In the last forty years, business and culture shifted from the left to the right. The shift isn’t political, it’s neurological. America has moved from a left brain to a right brain-centric business culture and marketplace. The old logical business tactics of twenty years ago won’t work as well today. To survive in business today you need to think creatively. Revealing the secret strategies of the artist, designer, scriptwriter, musician and author, David shows business leaders how to survive and thrive by applying these right brain tactics directly into their business. It’s now a Right Brain World, are you ready to dominate in this new economy?

Why Your Worldview Matters in Business

Each of us subscribes to a set of beliefs. We each have personal answers to life’s biggest questions. These help formulate our worldviews. But our worldviews do not remain on the shelf when we leave our homes or exit our churches, synagogues or mosques. Worldviews do not merely influence our thoughts, they influence our actions. And those actions effect others personally and globally. In this talk, learn how your worldview, and the worldviews of those who create products and offerings in the marketplace, have radical impact on the success and wellness of your life and the rest of the world. You will never look at the world of commerce the same way again.