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Moving from Good to Great with Toptal.com!


When the economy collapsed in 2008, it fell on the advertising world… hard. Many companies simply shut down their advertising budgets, leaving designers and agencies with 50 to even 80% of their clientele abandoning them in just a few weeks. I had survived and thrived during the dot bomb crash of 2001, but the Recession took its toll quickly. In an effort to support the business (and the family) I turned to CROWD SOURCING websites. These sites allow companies from all over the world to submit projects and have the global community bid on the work. During the recession, this new medium not only carried me through, but it also kept me lucrative in a time of mass fiscal confusion in the U.S.

Around 6 months ago, with an hour or so of free time, I decided to get back onto one of those sites, just to see if I there was any chance of garnering a few projects to augment any downtime and to pay homage to an industry segment that had been so essential in my past for keeping me solvent. Since that day, I have made well over $50,000 on that site, with over 80 projects, and no less than five stars on all of them (minus two with 4.6 stars, both of which are the same repeat client).

I have now submitted my work on a new site, TOPTAL which only hires the top three percent of anyone in their field. After being very successful in the web development and IT space, they have thankfully now developed their Toptal Visual Designers category– featuring offerings that I play in every day, like brand design and package design. Their clientele is a huge list of powerful business greats, such as AirBnB, JP Morgan and Pfizer, among many others. I look forward to growing in even more success with their broad and highly lucrative clientele. I also look forward to being a part of making Toptal an even greater success. I will let you know how that begins to turn out shortly. For now, I average between 30 and 60 projects at a time, and love every minute of it.

I am blessed, I am fortunate, and hopefully with Toptal.com I will be come even more successful!

Live Inspired,

David W Litwin