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David’s agency (Pure Fusion Media) has completed over 10,000 projects, for a broad variety of clients, in the past 15 years. During that time, he has amassed insights into how to accelerate the ROI process through branding, marketing and advertising. Using proprietary tools and tactics, David can help increase your profits and improve your standing in the marketplace, among both your customers and your competition. Combining exceptional design and superior customer service and strategic consulting, David can create and/or accelerate your success through powerful branding, messaging, advertising and experiential and event marketing.

Integrate The Power of Design, Story and Meaning Into Your Business!

In today’s right brain business world, you need to think like an artist, an author, a musician and a scriptwriter to survive and thrive today. Understanding and applying the “operating energies” of the right brain thinker help to differentiate you from your competitors and create customers that broadcast powerful referrals about your company and your employees. The positive and energetic stories your customers tell the world produce revenue and strengthen your marketplace position. David will show you how integrate design, story and meaning into your business practices and experience to amplify your profits and dominate your competition.


We engage our clients in four ways:

  • Retainer
  • Project Fee
  • Success Fee
  • Equity