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… I used to gorge on about five hours of nightly television before my head hit the pillow. Family time with my daughter consisted of her sitting next to me while I devoured the latest role-playing game on my PlayStation 2. And if I wasn’t in front of the television, I was online: scouring the Internet for the latest viral video. I was busy about being busy. For 10 years I had not read more than the occasional entertainment magazine clipping or a video game review online. I hadn’t journaled or even considered the concept. I did everything I could to fill quiet moments with media noise and I could finish Trivial Pursuit’s Entertainment Edition in record time.

Then in 2003, I specifically felt called to do a “media fast.” To shut off the television, radio and most of the Internet for a period of time… that turned out to be two years. It left a huge void in my schedule. So I replaced the time I had spent as a media glutton and poured myself into literature, philosophy and Biblical teaching. I read about 70 books in those two years, in addition to spending about two or three hours in daily scripture reading and meditation. I specifically spent a great deal of time in the book of Proverbs, the ultimate “word picture” book.

I don’t necessary recommend that everyone go through the same ritual, but I can confidently say that something started to happen. At first, it was innocuous enough. Someone would share a personal problem with me and I’d state, “Oh, that reminds of what it says in Proverbs so-and-so.” Soon, people would present me with a problem or question and I’d give them advice BASED on a particular Proverb or book passage I had read. By the end of the first year, I was being asked where I received my philosophy degree (which I didn’t have). In my circles, I am now known as the “word picture” guy, as I am able to breakdown complex ideas and situations into simple, digestible metaphors. I hope that becomes evident as you read my books and blog posts.

Since that time, I have spoken at numerous churches, conferences and seminars. I have worked with leaders in business and ministry, helping them to see the “big picture” when it comes to faith, culture and the business climate of today. My motto is “live inspired” and I hope that as you engage this site or read my blogs you will be challenged, motivated and inspired to action. Proverbs says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed,” so I’d love to dialog with you about your thoughts on what you read and experience here.

In addition to writing and speaking, I run a successful design agency in Nashville, Tennessee; have finished two screenplays, tried my hand at song writing and am a partner in an inventors guild. Beyond that, I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. That’s enough about me; I look forward to hearing your story as well.

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